Gregor Poročnik
Backend Developer

What is the most interesting thing about working here, and the work you do? 

The most interesting thing is to challenge the technology on industry needs and to build solutions for requirements, which are more demanding than the solutions provided by the biggest players in the industry. The advantage is to work in a team, where everyone can share their own experiences with others, respect colleague opinions, and participate in a target solution. Beenius has its own product which gives you the advantage to see your own weaknesses and your career progress in the long run.

What motivates you?

Greatest motivation is to learn, build, test, and feel your work through new technology, business needs, development process, and resource management.

What do you like most about your job?

Coming to and going from work at flexible times, to have flexible paid vacation days and work from home sometimes. To work with colleagues who have great interdisciplinary experiences and good education. Even if my specialty is backend development, I can learn and keep up with frontend technologies with the support of my colleagues.

How has your work been recognized in the company?

You can provide added value in different ways. One way is to participate in product development and build added value through customers. The second way is to optimize and develop process, develop tools which help your team or even company.

Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for the Beenius?

I would recommend Beenius to everyone who has the motivation, likes challenges, and has brilliant ideas.

Matic Pajnič
Android Developer

Saša Perdan
System Engineer

Nejc Ribič
Backend Developer