Saša Perdan
System Engineer

What is the most interesting thing about working here, and the work you do? 

Considering that I’m using IP TV from the very beginning of when it appeared on our Slovenian region, and the fact that my profession is in IT, always wanted to get more knowledge on how does it actually work, and the whole infrastructure behind this technology.

What motivates you?

Always staying well informed about the current knowledges and technologies on the field of IP TV.

What do you like most about your job?

Makes me feel powerful, because I’m the guy who decides how are you going to watch your favorite show on your device.

How has your work been recognized in the company?

Well, when the customer has it’s second thoughts about the quality of our product, I have to convince him or her that he is wrong and that everything works just fine, like we claimed it do.

Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for the Beenius?

If you are IT fan, also have chosen an IT as your profession and whenever you watch TV content use to ask yourself, who the hell configured and prepared all of this to work and play on my device so fine for me, then you are the right person for our family.

Matic Pajnič
Android Developer

Edo Ljubijankić
iOS Developer

Nejc Ribič
Backend Developer